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Located in Vermont’s largest city, Haji Driving Academy LLC is a driving school offering state-of-the-art driver’s education. We are passionate about serving all Vermonters, including those whose cultural and linguistic needs are often overlooked in driver’s education.

Our school along with our instructors are certified and licensed through the State of Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.


Aden Haji is a long term Burlington, Vermont resident. Having gone through the Burlington School District, Aden is well versed with the social experience of the average Vermonter.

He has experience working with diverse populations through his roles as the former Burlington School Board Commissioner and one of CVOEO's current board members.

As a certified Drivers Education Instructor, Aden is passionate about equity, inclusion, and youth development. His approach focuses on the mental and emotional aspects of the driving process as well as making Driver's Education inclusive for New American drivers.

Aden Haji

Owner & Instructor


All our courses are accredited by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. We utilize the most up-to-date driver's education curriculum, AAA's How to Drive 15th Edition, as well as audio-visual learning aides.

6x6 Adult Driver Course

Offered to adult drivers with limited or no driving knowledge as well as drivers wanting to improve their driving skills. Our Adult Course meets the state requirement.

Teen Driving Course

Offered to teen drivers for 7 weeks which includes 30 hours of in-class instruction, 6 hours of Behind-the-wheel instruction and 6 hours of observation per DMV requirement. . Registration for upcoming courses are currently open.

Road Test Prep/Packages

Unlike the Teen and Adult Driver Training courses, our Road Test Prep Lessons are suited for drivers ready to obtain their drivers license. Each lesson is scheduled for an hour but our instructors will work with your specific needs to ensure you are ready for your Road Test.

Our Partners

Our business relies on community and the establishment of Haji Driving Academy LLC would not have been possible without the support of all our stakeholders. These are just a few partners

Samuel Dingba

AALV Youth Program Coordinator


Hemant Ghising

Community Leader


Alison Segar

VT Language Justice Project Director


Jim Holway

Vermont Kin As Parents Director




VT Director of Operations & Development



Learning to drive is an essential life skill that can open up many opportunities. Our driving school is doing the excellent job of preparing community members to be safe drivers. Donating to our small business can help more students access affordable driving lessons and equip them with helpful learning aides that will enable them to succeed and keep them safe on the road.

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